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Messages to deliver on Kiss Day | Best kiss day sms

Kiss day among one of the day's of valentines week,Its a very special day for love birds who are already in relationship or love each other.Its a day when every wanted to kiss her girl and girl want to kiss his boy with love.Its a very special day to of compatibility for love birds.A kiss show's how strong is your relation  or how much they love each other.

Kiss day message to make your girl feel special and will kiss after getting specially casted kiss day Message.

Make your girl feel special with these Kissing day Messages.

Its Kiss Day..
And I just bugged u..
in my thoughts..
Hope u felt the squeeze!

Love is heat.
You are sweet.
When two Lips are meet.
Love is complete.

Kiss is the first step to show
how much i love you,
how much i think about you,
how much i miss u
show that i trust u...

a sweet &loving person like u
needs no message....
;;"_ _";;
;( * ):

ur love is like water in the ocean it last forever,
ur kiss is like a remember able story, couse I always remember it, I love you.

The fluffy cloud may kiss the sky,
the rose may kiss the butterfly,
the morning due may kiss the grass but
you my friend may kiss my lips!!

North to north,
south to south
my best direction is mouth to mouth..
Happy Kiss Day

U r sweeter than honey. purer than milk.
softer than flower. since i have u as my lover,
come to me near, i'll kiss ur lips without fear.
u'll say, having u is treasure & be wit me for ever.

My love for you grows more with each passing day,
The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away:
Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness,
Those luscious lips I love to kiss.

Life is nothing without LOVE,LUV is emotion & Kiss is practical,
don't get emotional yaar just b practical so STOP loving and START Kissing.

If I could bring back memories
I would bring the first day I kissed you I look you in the eyes and felt love.
Thank god an angel came into my life!

Hindi SMS kiss day special 

Kiss kisi ki mahphil me,
Kiss kisi ne kiss kiss ko kiss kiya.
Ek hum they jisne her miss ko kiss kiya,
Aur ek aap they jisne har kiss ko miss kiya.

Ek shamma andhere me jlaye rkhna
Subha hone ko he mauhaul bnaye rkhna
Kon jane wo kiss gali se guzre
Hr gali ko phulo se sajye Rkhna,,
Happy Kiss Day

Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum Dum Da Dum Da Dum
Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Dabbe me Dabba,
Dabbe me cake..
Jo ladki mujhse Kiss karegi,
Woh hogi lakho mien ek
Happy Kiss Day friends.

Honthon Se Tere Honthon Ko Geela Kar Dun
Tere Honto Ko Me Or Bhi RAseela Kar Dun,
Tu Is Qadar Pyaar Kare K Pyaar Ki Intehaan Ho Jaye,
Tere Honthon Ko Choos Kar Tujhe Or Bhi josheela Kar Dun

Apne Gale Se Laga Lo Jaanam
Tera Deewana Hoon Main..
Pyaasa Hu Tere PYAAR Ka Ae Sanam
Dil Se Mujhe Apne Bana Lo Jaanam

Koi chand se Mohabbat karta hai
Koi suraj se Mohabbat karta hai,
Hum unse Mohabbat karte hain
Jo hum se Mohabbat karte hain…
Happy Kiss day

Best Kiss day Hindi SMS 

Zarurat nhi nai ALFAAZ ki,
PYAAR toh cheez hai bas EHSAAS ki,
PAAS hote toh manzar hi kya hota,
dur se hi khabar hai hume aapki har SAANS ki…

Aaj barish me tere sang NAHANA hai,
Sapna ye mera kitna SUHANA hai,
Barish ki boondein jo gire tere HONTHON pe,
Unhe apne HONTHON se uthana hai.

Bus Ab Tujhe Hi Chahne Ko Jee Chahta Hai,
Teri Yaado Me Kho Jaane Ko Jee Chahta Hai,
Laga Di H Tumne Aisi Ishq Ki Aag,
Kay Choom Choom K Kha Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai

Bittu choudhary

Bittu choudhary

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