I live in Nothing Hill. You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are; my mother has trouble remembering my name.....
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Make Your Teddy Bear Day Special With special Teddy Bear Day Greetings

Teddy Bear Day Greetings that are specially meant for those who are really in love with each other and wanted her girl or boy as teddy into his or her life,do share your feeling with below teddy bear day special greetings with your girl and life partner.To make your Teddy bear day special we had gathered most famous and unique greetings from internet and other sources.

A cute teddy bear, to my cute friend
On a cute occasion
Just to say, happy teddy bear day..!
Happy Teddy Day Greetings

 I have lots of precious gifts for you
A rose A promise, a kiss, a teddy a hug
And finally big yes , i love you..Happy Teddy Day
Happy Teddy Day Greetings

 My teddy is very soft and silky
It always remains with me
It always gives me feeling of you
So touchy and so lovely..Happy Teddy Day
Happy Teddy Day Greetings

 Any bedroom without a cute teddy bear
Is like a face without any smile
So i am sending you teddy in this messages
Happy Teddy Day 2016 To my Sweetheart..!!
Happy Teddy Day

Bittu choudhary

Bittu choudhary

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